FoodKing has been producing and supplying international chain of food and beverage ingredients to help guide the global hardware and software operation of the catering industry. Actively set up factories and sub-assembly plants in the world, it is the only company in Taiwan that uses independent policy for employee management. The efforts put in by each employees will get relative compensation following by the company’s growth.

At present, we have set up service bases in Southeast Asia. Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia are all in negotiations and the Malaysian base was set up in 2010. In Europe and the United States, we have also completed some of the technology transfer. The base in China has also been formally established in Fujian by the end of 2011. Temporarily ease the demand of raw materials in southern China.


The Company accelerates the enhancement of food quality and strengthens the checks on human health. For example, all the professional raw materials for the catering industry are all produced by the company. All the raw materials for the production of packaged drinks, fried chicken, baking, roasted meat, marinated food, sauces, pickled materials, dip sticky powder, pre-mixed powder, etc., and with the company's expertise to help customers to use effective marketing and online tools to engage in the upgrading of multinational industries. Any catering business that wants to be profitable and sustainable is the object of our current service and production of raw materials. Unlike the franchise business, Foodking is a professional service provider that allows our clients to fully understand their business.


Since the establishment in 1991, we started the research and development of international food flavors in mainly to assist the food processing industry in Taiwan, China and Japan in upgrading processing technology. In 1997, we started our catering business franchise with career counseling and actively assist the integration of small and medium-sized restaurant industry planning to build a brand image. Also, we install the international restaurant chain system, to guide the traditional restaurant industry to establish a global restaurant chain, in order to allow global catering industry to get better services. In 2007, the Foodking Catering Group was established. Providing R & D and production of food raw materials, catering business overall planning, import and export of food processing, counseling entrepreneurship and cooking teaching services.





After the establishment of our plant on Renhua road, we need more professionals who have considerable working experience and are able to independently. For those who do not have working experience are still welcomed to pay close attention on the company’s current status. The company is also actively crossing other industries. Foodking welcomes all friends who are devoted to live a better life to join in and create a bright future together.




Foodking employs an open management style with few restrictions on employees except for general rules (such as not being late). We affirms the value of our employees, attaches importance to a harmonious working atmosphere, encourages colleagues to support each other's position, share and exchange customer information. The most important thing is to have compassion towards colleagues and customers, understanding each other's difficulties. We emphasis on employees’ active work attitude and coordination, create a win-win situation for our customers to solve their problems.


If there are any problems, you only need to call us and there will be someone there to help. We provide a consistent, professional level of service, although customers may not always be right, but we will not easily say no to customers. We understand the need to stand on the customer's position to see the problem, understand the needs of customers, feel the customer's situation, and can put ourselves in empathy, to fulfill customer expectations. Being able to help our customers achieve their dreams is our greatest happiness and achievement.




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