R&D center

Foodking's product development are based on customer needs. In order for customers to use our raw materials for high profit, products launched by any level must have the highest market acceptance and stable long-term sale. We constantly collect food information and market reactions around the world, analyze market trends, and improve the processing of raw materials technology.

So far, we can speak with confidence that we holds the technology and ability to produce any food material in the world. The food ingredients of any country can be made in different places based on the raw materials available locally. From seasonings, spices, instant food package, baking powder, snack materials to the professional raw material used by big franchised restaurant can all be customized for our client with precision.



If our service is exactly what you need, you are welcomed to visit us. We will have someone to explain your possible application of raw materials. Another option is to send us a sample for our R&D center make it for you. All services are customizable.

Now we accepts international orders. Customers can call to request for the raw materials needed. After an initial understanding, we will ship free sample and detailed manual to customers’ designated location. If you have any question about the operation, feel free to call us. Our personnel will explain in detail to assist you.


With the food safety issues nowadays, Foodking has heavily invested in our Independent Quality Control Lab. We not only have self-strict inspection and prevention, but also have third party notarization inspection by SGS constantly to test our products safety. Strict compliance with food safety is bound to achieve zero error status. With our tenet “empathy”, we are responsible for food, nutrition, health, safety and non-burden control for every customer that trusted us. We will continue to enhance product quality and ease of usage, so that the most discerning consumers can become our most loyal friends.






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